Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brain Injury Questions Answered

Early in 2006 ABC News questioned several members of the medical community about Brain Injury. They prefaced the answers by saying, "Scientists and doctors have only just begun to unravel the mysteries of brain injuries. Here, some of the country's leading experts answer your questions about brain trauma."

How durable is the brain? How much trauma can it take?

"That depends..."

How difficult is it to rehabilitate the brain? Meaning can you re-create ability or function that is lost?

"Each case is unique..." said one doctor.

"The brain cannot be rehabilitated per se..." said another.

Do brain cells ever grow back?

"Dead brain cells do not grow back, and there is no consistent evidence that surviving neurons can replicate..."

What are the critical things to look for in the days after brain damage? What is the recovery time in terms of stages? How long does it take to know what damage is going to last?

"It can take days or even weeks to have a good idea." said one doctor.

"It may take weeks or even months to fully ascertain function that is permanently lost because of the potential for overlap of brain function." said another.

The country's leading experts are saying what those of us who live with brain injury everyday already knew. No two brains are alike; therefore, no two brain injuries are the same.

Common problems associated with brain injury were not part of the questioning. Those problems involve memory, cognition and behavior. Those are the very things we write about in Brain Injury Survivor's Guide, and we write about them from the perspective of "been there, done that."

That's why we discuss the very strategies we used to compensate for an injured brain. Frankly, it's information the leading experts don't have, because those leading experts have never had a brain injury.

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